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Charizard Is Worth How Much?!

By Kyle Bennett

Having grown up during the beginning stages of Pokémon in the United States, it's always a ton of fun seeing people fall back in love with the franchise over the years. From the early stages of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu, to the present day shenanigans of Pokémon GO! and seeing the games on the Nintendo Switch, I've been catching 'em all for 21 years.

Now while the video games have evolved, so has the Trading Card Game and with big time pull from internet influencers opening packs and boxes of cards live on Twitch and YouTube, the price of the cards have gone through the roof like some sort of Cryptocurrency. And while scrolling through the old Twitter timeline, I stumbled across a listing of a Pokémon card that still has my jaw on the ground; a $500,000 1st Edition Carizard Base Set card on eBay.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the list price of over $500K and the thought process of listing this card for THAT much money. I also understand that the card is a graded Gem Mint 10, which skyrockets the value of any trading card, but to list a card for half a million dollars is just bonkers to me. This also opens the door to cards being listed even higher than what ANY Pokémon fan could have ever imagined back in the 90s.

While everyone would be over the moon to have this card in their collection, this does create a false hope for the market and could drive card prices even higher, which hurts the actual TCG players and the target demographic that the Pokémon Company is trying to ultimately hit; the kids.

It's crazy to think that in our lifetime we could see a Pokémon card be worth one million dollars. The value of the #6 Pocket Monster in the PokéDex has never been higher and is possibly going to fly around the moon before DogeCoin even gets there. Enjoy your favorite 90s anime however you want, but don't come my way if you spend $500,000 on a trading card.

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