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Chris Long's Bachelor Baseball Decision

By Kyle Bennett Former Eagles legend Chris Long made his presence known in 2017-18 as an underdog, a Super Bowl champion, and a fan favorite forever. Now retired and a "baseball knowing king", Long was in search of a favorite franchise to hitch his wagon to as Opening Day arrived. So in a Bachelor-esque decision process, Long has a favorite baseball team.

On the latest episode of his podcast, Green Light with Chris Long, Long went Bachelor style with his co-host, Macon Gunter, to select their favorite baseball teams. Included in Long's Top-5 were our beloved Philadelphia Phillies, as well as the Atlanta Braves, Colorado Rockies, Baltimore Orioles, and St. Louis Cardinals. It felt like a good vibe from the jump that Long was going to do the thing because former Phillies Outfielder Hunter Pence was a guest on the episode.

It came down to a decision between Baltimore and Philadelphia, but in clutch fashion, Long decided to Ring The Bell and come home to be a Phillies fan. Long also said he's a huge Andrew McCutchen fan, remembering his time in Pittsburgh, so shoutout to Uncle Larry for being another piece of the baseball knowing king's fandom puzzle.

We always knew Chris Long was one of us and now he'll be rooting for the Boys of Summer, enjoying Bryce Harper bowing to the fans in right field, and some high hopes after every Phillies win. Welcome home, Chris! It's like you never left.

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