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Kitchen DM: Cheesesteaks

By Chef Hairy Ape

I DON’T consider this a “Philly”. That is a specific way to make them, although it’s even debated what an authentic Philly should look like. Whatever your opinion, we can all agree this is one of the best foods known to humans. Let's get into this cheesesteak recipe!


-1 sweet onion, sliced

-2 tbsp butter

-Sliced sandwich steak

-A good, hearty, hoagie roll (shoutout Aversa’s bakery in Blackwood, NJ)


-Garlic powder

-Black pepper


-2 tbsp butter

-1/4 cup flour

-2 cups milk or heavy cream

-Shredded cheese if your choice (about a cup and a half)

Melt some butter in a pan on medium-low heat and once almost completely melted, add in your sliced onion and cook low and slow until caramelized. Remove from heat into a bowl.

In the same pan, add some olive oil on medium heat and your sandwich steak. Immediately start to break up the meat using two spatulas (make sure they’re sturdy). Some people like it finely chopped, some more coarse, it’s all up to your preference. Once broken up, add your seasonings. Normally enough so that the entire top surface of meat is covered by each seasoning. Mix all together and add back the onions. Lower the heat and come back once the cheese sauce is done.

In a small pot make a roux by melting your butter and adding flower on medium-low heat. Continue to stir until completely combined and begins to brown. Add your milk or heavy cream and bring to a small boil. Don’t over do it or the sauce will come out grainy. Add in your cheeses and mix well until the cheese has melted. Season with adobo and black pepper to taste. If the sauce is too thick, add milk to thin it out. Mix until fully combined.

Turn the heat off the steak pan back to medium and cook out some of the grease at the bottom of the pan. Cut a roll, add your meat and onions then top with the cheese sauce. Enjoy!

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