NFL Network Nicks Insider For Manscaped Ad

By Kyle Bennett

The NFL Network went and nicked their news breaking extraordinaire Ian “RapSheet” Rapoport on Friday night for posting a video ad for Manscaped, who is also a proud sponsor of Underground Sports Philadelphia. As a result of Rapoport posting the video, the network has taken him off the air until October 22, which is the beginning of the Week 7 slate of NFL games.

Manscaped is the best men’s below the waist grooming company and just wanted to continue reaching he masses with Rapoport’s 2.3 million followers on Twitter. I find it absurd that the NFL Network is limiting what business endeavors a human who works for them is allowed to do when it comes to product usage, but we obviously don’t know the entire story or the guidelines of NFL Network’s policies for advertising, but this seems beyond harsh to punish someone for spreading the good word of Manscaped.

Twitter went into a massive state of confusion when Rapoport tweeted his statement and there was no signs of anything that was posted that could have resulted in a suspension. Maybe the NFL Network needs to be clearer with its employees about the guidelines it has for product advertising, because if Rapoport didn’t know, that seems like a communication issue.

Regardless, we stand with Rapoport (even if he is a Mets fan), find his suspension a bit silly and out of pocket, and we’ll be waiting for his return to the airwaves and breaking news on the Twitter dot com.

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