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Saturday Night In A World Of Possibilities For The Orange And Black

The Pittsburgh Penguins got sent home on Sidney Crosby’s birthday and it was only the pregame to what Flyers fans will be experiencing tonight when the puck drops and the Orange and Black get going against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Flyers are playing in PRIME TIME for the entire world to see on a Saturday night, a world of possibilities, and the chance to grab the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs on the line.

The COVID-19 layoff has made the run at the Stanley Cup an equal playing field in the sense that nobody was coming into the playoffs hot or cold and it was up to each team to put in the time and work leading up to being locked down in the Canadian Bubbles.

The Flyers look like they haven’t taken any time off whatsoever and have picked up where they left off in March.

This team is getting contributions and meaningful goals from role players. We haven’t seen Giroux, Coots, Konecny, or Voracek have a standout game. Guys like Phil Myers, Michael Raffl (get well soon), Travis Sanheim, and Nate Thompson have scored in clutch moments during the Round-robin games against Boston and Washington.

We’ve talked about it time and time again that Alain Vigneault has injected new life into this team and reinvigorated the culture of what it means to be a Flyer. He’s unlocked the potential in so many of the young pieces that have just been names but never seen them actually play until now. He’s rallied this team to believe in themselves, play a brand of hockey that’s electric, and the 2019-2020 Flyers have been a JOY to watch.

A win for the Flyers would also set up a date with the 12-seed Montreal Canadiens and Carter Hart getting to do battle across from the goalie he modeled his style of play after in Carey Price. The way things have gone for the Flyers has truly been a wild ride and it's just getting started.

Now it’s time to strap in and prepare for the world to watch the Philadelphia Flyers take on the spotlight and fight for 60 minutes to capture the #1 seed. It’s time the world starts to take this team seriously again. The stars come out when the lights shine bright. Those lights are going to be shining orange and black when the clock strikes 8:00 PM.

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