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Sixers Back In Black

By Kyle Bennett

Cue the AC/DC, Philadelphia. The Philadelphia 76ers could be hopping in the time machine and coming into the 2020-21 season back in black.

The Sixers President Chris Heck hinted on Sunday that the fan favorite jersey could be making its return to the floor as part of a bet with All-Star G/F Ben Simmons. Back in 2017, Heck made a deal with Simmons that if he won Rookie of the Year, he would allow Simmons to design a new uniform the following year.

Now three seasons later, it seems like Simmons' performances on the court have led the Sixers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the team's Eastern Conference Championship and NBA Finals appearance.

Simmons is skeptical of Heck's social media flex, but if it is true that the jerseys made famous by franchise legend Allen Iverson are making a return to the rotation for the Sixers, many Sixers fans, including myself, will be absolutely stoked.

It's also very fitting that this news makes its way to Twitter on the anniversary of Iverson's NBA debut.

I will now be dreaming about Joel Embiid, Underground Athlete Mike Scott, and Simmons rocking these bad boys all season long.

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