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Sixers Draft: Daryl Morey Making Magic Happen

By Richie Rivera

Draft night has come and gone in the blink of an eye and Sixers fans got a taste of something we haven’t had since the beginning of The Process. With Daryl Morey leading the way, the Sixers executed an NBA Draft performance for the ages. Upon Morey's arrival after stepping down from his position with Houston, we as Sixers fans knew that he’d be working his “Morey Magic” with draft choices, trade acquisitions, and free agency signings. Well, we got a glimpse of two of those three, and with free agency beginning on Friday, Sixers fans are beyond excited for what this team is going to look like when the season tips off in December. Let’s take a trip through Wednesday’s draft and see exactly how Morey's process went down.

Pick 21: Tyrese Maxey, SG Kentucky

This 6’3” guard is a tough and aggressive player that can not only defend multiple positions, but can make his way to the basket (83 percent FT shooter) or pose the threat of shooting a long ball. He is very versatile and with his 6’8” wingspan, he can be a physical force against opponents. Though he’s not strong yet with his shot selection (29 percent from 3-PT range), the fact that his free throw percentage is where it's at, the 3-pointers will start falling and there is a lot of optimism within the Sixers organization that he will be exactly what they plan for him to be.


This pick was packaged with a lightly protected first round pick (protected 1-6 in 2025, 1-4 in 2026), the rights to Vasilije Micic, and last, but certainly not least, Al Horford. What did the Sixers get in return? An excellent veteran shooter some of you might know as Danny Green and an up-and-coming player in Terrance Ferguson. Acquiring Green has been a hope of mine since last offseason prior to him joining the Lakers, but with a three-time NBA champion joining the squad, it is definitely a boost in the shooting category and at the SG position.


This pick was packaged with SG Josh Richardson for a 44% three-point shooter in Seth Curry. Seth will bring a low-cost contract ($8M per year) and he's signed through 2023. This will be another boost in the guard spectrum and creating space on the floor with a perimeter shooter. Doc Rivers now gets to coach his son-in-law.

Pick 49: Isaiah Joe, SG Arkansas

In the trend of acquiring SGs Wednesday evening, the Sixers drafted the 6’5” guard out of Arkansas and a player who could be called the “purest shooter” in the draft. With his range and free throw shooting being his key traits as a player, he lacks in defense. Though he will probably be starting for the Blue Coats come the start of the season, the future could be very bright for the Pick That Was Promised.

Pick 58: Paul Reed, PF DePaul

For their final pick in the draft, the Sixers selected this 6’9” forward that has a lot of defensive potential, averaging almost two steals a game and 2.5 blocks a game. With Reed needing to work on his offensive game, he is similar, in my opinion, to Thybulle with a strong defensive side, but a growing offensive side. Definitely look for him in the G-League to start his career, but if he progresses quickly, you might see him reach the league sooner than we may think.

To review, personally, this has been the Sixers best draft in a few years. The potential between every player drafted and the trades Morey pulled together so quickly and fairly, these new players will make a statement on this roster. And all of this has gone down before the start of free agency.

Draft Grade: A+

Trade Grade: A+

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