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The Eagles Don’t Deserve Our Time Right Now

By Harry The K

It finally hit the fan. Carson Wentz has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts for draft picks and I feel sick to my stomach. This isn’t a blog about that though, at least, not exactly. The past few weeks have got me thinking about our priorities as Philadelphia sports fans. We’ve all been unhealthily obsessed with Carson, Howie Roseman, and the Birds, but why? The Super Bowl was a week and a half ago, the season’s over, yet the midnight green dumpster fire is still commanding attention on Philly sports social media. 94.1 and 97.5 have been at peak toxicity recently as well, and for what? We all know that the Eagles are a mess. They don’t deserve our time right now, especially when so much else should be turning our heads.

Instead of talking about Howie’s missteps, how about just ignoring it entirely? The Sixers front office is way more fun to talk about. Daryl Morey has made our favorite basketball team do a 180 like Joel Embiid, sitting at the top of the NBA’s Eastern Conference. They’re playing the best basketball I’ve seen them play in ages, dominating the floor on both sides of the ball. Ben Simmons is playing aggressively; Tobias has become an All-Star and JoJo is the current frontrunner for MVP. What’s even better is that they look like a team specifically built for the playoffs. They aren’t going on skids of multiple losses and our starting lineup are world-beaters. That’s not all we can talk about either.

The Flyers are out of COVID hell as of right now and returning to play on the night I’m writing this. They may not be playing the best hockey right now and by that, I mean even wins make me want to pour bleach in my eyes, but they are getting results. The Broad Street Bullies’ season is still young, so there’s still plenty of time to right the ship. Carter Hart and Brian Elliot have been standing on their heads (as per), James van Riemsdyk has found his scoring touch, and Sean Couturier has come back from his rib injury, so fear not Gritizens! The Flyers will be fine, and they make for much more stimulating conversation than Carson Wentz’s former team.

My final suggestion to avoid the crushing depression that comes with the mention of the team that used to wear Kelly Green is to just not talk sports for a bit. Crack open a bottle of Stateside vodka and think about everything else life has to offer right now! WandaVision may be one of the best pieces of entertainment ever produced and deserves so much praise. Personally, I’m still listening to Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon III on a loop because it’s so good. Find that thing to distract you from the Eagles and hold onto it. There’s no need for a garbage team, a team who isn’t even playing right now, to ruin the mood of an entire city. Philadelphia fans have so much more to look forward to than one bad football team. And by the way, Spring Training is underway in Clearwater.

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