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Welcome To The Official Website Of The Underground

First things first, welcome to the Underground. This journey that started on February 7, 2018 has been filled with so much fun, energy, and unbelievable experiences. We even hit the point of our existence where sports didn’t exist for 1/3 of a year and I was always told sports would never go anywhere.

But, we didn’t stop because sports did. We pivoted and made sure we continued to put out high quality and consistent content for all of our incredible listeners and supporters. While we were quarantined, we also hatched an idea to give ourselves another outlet to produce content.

Welcome to the official Underground Sports Philadelphia website. We’ll be dropping written content hashtag on here and just have some fun as we grow our brand and continue to take this operation to the next level!

We wouldn’t be here without our amazing supporters, listeners, followers, and everyone in between, including the haters. We love you guys and cannot wait to keep taking this company that operates Underground to new levels. Let’s keep this thing going and keep creating together!

- KB

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